Our aim is to provide personal care products to: 

  • Help men address specific skin care and shaving issues related to ingrown hairs and razor bumps 
  • Provide natural alternatives to men and women seeking self-care products without toxic ingredients

Our soulutions are formulated and handcrafted by founder Phil Damas, a certified Aromatherapy Consultant and certified Formulator of Natural and Therapeutic Products.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, our products are made in small batches to ensure freshness and the highest efficacy.

Soulutions was founded on a 3-pronged philosophy of self-care: prevention, preservation and self-healing. We are committed to serving the community by providing products made “For the Soul, From the Soul.”


“Necessity is the mother of invention.” – Plato 

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, founder Phil Damas worked in the corporate world for 15+ years. He’s always had a penchant for natural health and skin care and since 2018, has been experimenting with natural ways to relieve his own skin care challenges. He’d been struggling for over 20 years with ingrown hair and razor bumps, and as anyone with skin issues has experienced, this affected his self-image and often made him self-conscious. It was difficult to find a product that worked consistently or one that contained ingredients he felt good about.

After trying a natural beard oil to relieve his razor bumps, Phil felt like he was on to something. Because of the simple and accessible ingredients found in that beard oil, he wondered if he could concoct a product on his own. After many attempts, he created his first product in 2018. 

Following this success, he thought of creating other products that could benefit him as well as his friends and family. He knew of some friends and family that were suffering from occasional seasonal congestion, so he did research to make a natural version of Vicks ointment. After a few tries, Breathe Easy was born! It turned out to be an effective decongestant and cough suppressant that didn’t irritate the skin. The success of these two products convinced Phil to more seriously consider formulating other natural products to offer them through his own apothecary…

Fast forward to the Covid-19 pandemic and a fortunate layoff from his full-time job, Phil was presented with the perfect opportunity to pivot and dive full-time into the world of formulating natural self-care products. Armed with his passion and knowledge, he launched Soulutions Apothecary in 2022.


The term “apothecary” traditionally refers to a pharmacy or pharmacist. Before we had modern pharmacies like Pharmaprix or CVS, people looked to their local apothecary for natural herbal blends, tonics, lotions and potions to solve their ailments. “Soulutions” is a play on the words “solution” and “soul” and speaks to our desire to create self-care solutions for the body and the soul.  


To share the physical and emotional benefits of natural therapeutics on well-being in order to help people feel great in their skin and show up to the world with confidence.